Random Jam Of The Week 002

Tired of the same old holiday songs? We’ve got a special RJOTW to play during your eggnog chugging contests. 

A professor I once had threw out the statistic that over 15% of all recorded music is Christmas music. I really have no idea how accurate that figure is.  When considering that cutting a Christmas album is like the retirement plan for many, many pop singers, it doesn’t seem far-fetched. But when I’m listening to one of December’s many 24/7 holiday radio stations, it feels like there’s no way Santa, Bethlehem, and chestnuts make up one in six songs ever recorded. If there were really that many Christmas songs, why would I hear “Wonderful Christmastime” twice an hour? (I get it, Sir Paul McCartney was a Beatle, and we must remain vigilant in keeping a healthy respect for the Fab Four through the decades. But does that really mean we have to overplay this shitty Christmas song?) Sure, we might hear fifty different artists in a day of holiday music, but at the end of the day we probably heard closer to fifteen distinct songs, most of which were negligibly different versions of traditional classics. Where have all the great original holiday jams with rollicking basslines and infectious sax breaks gone?

Enter the great Ella Fitzgerald. She may have cranked out as many versions of the old Christmas standards as the next singer, but she also gave us this original gem: “Santa Claus Got Stuck In My Chimney.” It might be the funniest song you hear this holiday, with euphemistically suggestive, “that’s what she said” lyrics like, “there he was in the middle of the chimney, not quite up and not quite down.” Its sweet, infectious melody is sure to come back and commandeer your consciousness hours after you snicker through its goofy chorus. It’s also got a great muted trumpet solo, which modern music is really lacking (if only Flo Rida’s “I Cry: Part II” would feature Wynton Marsalis. Sigh). Why this song sunk into obscurity after its release in 1960 is beyond me, because this is the kind of fun, vintage track that should be a December staple. Throw it on the holiday mix this winter and thank me later.

Happy Holidays from SlackPost!

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