Random Jam of the Week 009

Don’t know how I missed this jam until now, but I’d like to thank Disclosure for showing me the light. I recently listened to the UK DJ duo’s Bedtime Mix for Annie Mac’s BBC1 radio show, and NOT ONLY did they include D’Angelo and Erykah Badu on the mix, but they also played “Treat Me Like Fire.” Well done, Brothers Lawrence. Lion Babe is made up of producer Lucas Goodman (also known as Astro Raw) and vocalist Jillian Hervey (also known as Jillonce), who is none other than Vanessa Williams’s daughter. (Rick Fox is not the father, but did you know that Fox has been in a serious relationship with Eliza Dushku since 2009? WTF? Also, have you seen those ads for the Bahamas featuring Fox on a yacht and slow-motion diving into the water? Double-WTF!) Hervey’s vocals are great — during the intro to the BBC1 mix Guy Lawrence likens her voice to Badu’s — and fit very well with Goodman’s hypnotic scratched-vinyl, hand-clap production. An awesome neo-soul/alternative R&B debut; can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

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