Random Jam of the Week 014

I have no idea how this band isn’t receiving more attention. I saw this performance live on Leno back in April, got completely sucked in, barely fought the urge to dance around my living room even though it was a weeknight and I was alone, then expected to start seeing Vintage Trouble all over the place afterward. Hasn’t happened. And that doesn’t sit well with me. In any case, I love the sound, love the look, love the moves, even love the go-go dancers. For once in my life, I was absolutely grateful for having turned on Leno.

YES. This band is too good. I saw them live at a festival and it was my favorite performance by far (except for maybe Allen Stone, but he was 50% of the reasons I was even there). Vintage Trouble are some real, serious, professional musicians. The musicality and timing is rock solid, but they are also one of the few live acts today that is so obviously working on stage. Sweating, moving, focused, making the most energetic yet pure-sounding music they can. The guitar solos were near-sensual experiences for me. Also, that dude can sing. He’s like James Brown with the voice of Jesus. If they blow up, he will have the lion’s share of the credit. I was stoked to see them playing at the end of the ESPYs, and I think they could really do well with that type of gig.

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