Random Jam of the Week 026

The birthday party they’re throwing for Freddie Mercury tonight in rock & roll heaven must be a rager. To show a mortal’s appreciation for the greatest rock voice of all time, I’d like to share an underappreciated song from an underappreciated album from an underappreciated band. Fans, critics, and even Roger Taylor and Brian May considered Hot Space a creative misstep, but Queen’s venture into dance music produced some fantastic material on top of the massive hit, “Under Pressure.”

If you want to experience the full genius of Queen, you’ll have to look elsewhere. This composition is remarkably simple by the band’s standards. But shame on you if you can’t groove to this jam. John Deacon’s popping guitar funks up the track, and Freddie Mercury’s glorious vocals drift along a stream of pure falsetto. “Cool Cat” is slow-burning disco fire.

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