Random Jam of the Week 028

Tom Misch is a prolific and talented singer-songwriter, guitar player, and producer who’s been attracting considerable online attention for about two years now, but I only recently started digging through his work. While he’s best known for his own tracks and/or duets, the latter of which include the lovely collaboration “With You” with songstress Carmody, I’ve been most pleasantly surprised by Misch’s remixes, which generally exhibit more of an upbeat feel than his mellow original songs. In the last six months, he’s dropped solid remixes to Busta Rhymes, Parra for Cuva, and The Sugarhill Gang, but my favorite is his most recent creation, a wonderfully jazzy keyboard-driven take on Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” that concludes with a great bridge highlighting Misch’s guitar-playing. I had it on repeat throughout MLK Weekend, much to my roommates’ probable annoyance.

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